carpet cleaning warrington, Cleaners UK of Warrington offer steam carpet cleaning. The dry clean carpet system, cleans, stain-blocks, heat dries and deodorises carpets ideal for certain domestic carpets that should not be wet cleaned. free stain removal with all cleans

Carpeting is a highly appropriate surface for flooring in a range of commercial settings. However, those who travel over it or work with it underneath them are highly sensitive to the carpets condition. Typically we often judge the quality of the company offices by our first impressions of the floor covering (i.e. carpets), therefore it makes good sense to ensure that it is always in pristine condition. Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance helps prolong the life and improve the appearance of commercial carpets.


• A thorough deep down carpet clean will remove dirt and clean heavily soiled areas.
• Your carpets are left fresh smelling and colour restored to give the best first impressions.
• Our carpet cleaning maintenance programmes are extremely cost effective
(ask for details).
• Removing stains will improve appearance of the carpet.
• Regular carpet cleaning will protect your long term investments and internal furnishings.
• Allergy sufferers will benefit with a maintained healthy indoor environment.
• We provide a professional commercial carpet cleaning service reaching the highest standards without any disruption to your daily routine.
• We use the latest carpet cleaning machinery, both dry and steam clean processes.
• We provide fast drying carpet cleaning processes, with a free turbo drying service.
• We are not a carpet cleaning franchise so we can keep costs to reasonable prices.
• We can provide Scotch guard / stain block services to prevent re-soiling and re-staining.
• We can provide anti static treatments if your office environment experiences this problem.
• Your employee's general health will benefit from the removal of bacteria, dust mites and bugs from the carpet giving a possible saving on losing staff days off due to sickness.

Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington utilise the latest developments in the field of on-location cleaning to be able to safely clean soft furnishings thoroughly, with the upmost care, such as, office chairs and reception area seating. Our intense, yet gentle cleaning methods are guaranteed against shrinkage, and the removal of damaging dirt and grit, will not only restore appearance but also prevent premature ageing of the fibres by abrasion.

Cleaners UK Ltd staff are aware of how important Health and Safety is in this day and age. Therefore we go to the highest lengths to meet all standards. All machinery is regularly tested and of course PAT tested. Risk assessments are continually reviewed and COSHH details handed to staff before each contract. Protective clothing and wear are provided at all times. Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington provide extensive training to all cleaning staff and machine operators to prevent any accidents occurring and provide adequate control of Health and Safety risks arising from work activities. We can provide all clients with relevant method statements, risk assessments and COSHH details required before commencing work at their premises. It goes without saying that the upmost care is taken with all items on our clients premises.

Cleaners Uk Ltd of Warrington can provide a through the night carpet cleaning service if necessary. Some offices need their carpets immediately back into use, especially if they are open 24 hours. Our dry clean system cleans, stain blocks, heat dries and deodorises your carpets in one process. The carpets are dry in 30 minutes. As Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington have a licence to use this revolutionary system we can honestly say the carpet cleaning results are unbelievable in office environments, especially Health and Safety wise ie: no slip or trip hazards. The carpets are dry almost immediately as our dry clean system has its own heat dry system built in. It provides a standard of dry carpet cleaning never before available.

With our 24 years experience of commercial carpet cleaning all we require our customers to do is on the evening before we are due to your premises, is for each person at each desk just to put their personal effects on the desk top. A general office email is the norm. Desks and computers on the floor are easily and delicately cleaned underneath and around. Meaning that no furniture removal is necessary. Easy, quick, simple and no fuss. We take the upmost care with any items left on the floor and office desk pedestals are easily cleaned around, therefore little furniture removal is necessary. Work is usually carried out, out of hours ie: evening/weekend. Your employees will return to a clean, fresh smelling, hygienic indoor working environment.

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Cleaners UK based in South Warrington cover the North West and Cheshire including Warrington and all surrounding areas, Knutsford, Lymm, Northwich, Winsford, Middlewich, Tarporley, Frodsham, Helsby, Altrincham, Bowden, Kelsall, Cuddington, Runcorn, Widnes and Sandymoor.



carpet cleaning warrington, Cleaners UK of Warrington provide steam carpet cleaning and offer a truck mount cleaning system. Cleaners UK clean, degrease and deodorise carpets.  The dry clean carpet system, cleans, stain-blocks, heat dries and deodorises carpets

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carpet cleaning, Cleaners UK of Warrington, cheshire are carpet & upholstery cleaners who provide the following services, Fire retardant treatments, Anti bacterial and deodorising treatments, Flood and smoke damage work undertaken, Mattress cleaning, Grafitti removal, Drive and patio cleaning, Anti static treatments    
  • Fire retardant treatments
    – ideal for all work environments
  • Anti static treatments
  • Anti bacterial and deodorising treatments
  • Flood and smoke damage work undertaken
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Maintenance programs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Drive and patio cleaning


carpet cleaning, Cleaners UK of Warrington, cheshire offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to offices, residential homes, apartments, rental property, property landlords, rental agents, residential homes, care homes, hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs around cheshire and north west
carpet cleaning warrington, Cleaners UK of Warrington offer carpet cleaning services Dry Fusion, Carpets dry in 30 minutes guaranteed, No.1 customer satisfaction

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